Atlanta ~ 100 Years of This Story

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Saturday, May 22, 2010 was such a groovy day, spent touring an international elder, friends and family in the greatness of the Georgia Sunshine.

We had a great time each one of us taking turns being Preservation Advocates, appreciating the architecture and the beauty of the Urban street scape. Auburn Avenue is always Lively and Never Ever Dull and today was no exception.

After walking around, taking pictures and just having an especially good time. We contemplated the nuances of Atlanta History. I was really happy when Mama C. said ,”Wow! I learned so much today.”  By no means was this her first trip to Atlanta, so her response warmed my heart.  Full of kicks and big smiles, we worked up big appetites. Not ones to be hungry, immediately afterward we headed north to Green Sprouts on Piedmont for a lunch of authentic vegetarian Mandarin cuisine. Delicious!!!!

International & Inter-generational we all had a really nice time. 

In the Preservation Tour Business…These Things Remain Constant

FIRST & FOREMOST: History Needs No Embellishments, Just the service of an articulate, friendly and honest Guide to give an accurate interpretation of the landscape the significant events.

SECOND: Great Guests, Make for Great Tours.

THIRD: History combined with Great Guests always equals a Good Time.

Hopefully on Your Next Visit to Atlanta, You and I Will Have The Chance To Meet Up to Explore the Terrain Together…