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As the Spring Season 2010 comes to a close, I find myself reflecting on the many projects that Cinnamon Traveler has participated in since the Equinox, March 20. 

These projects number 7 in total and range from the cerebral to the visual.  Incorporating a variety of physical activities, each one has been inspirational and has provided sensory fulfillment on multiple levels.  Hence, this has been a prime season for development, growth and enlightenment!

In retrospect this excerpt from a journal entry, nicely summarizes Spring 2010:

“At this stage of the game, the goal for Cinnamon Traveler was not to be famous…but instead our aim was to cultivate our brand within the context of Rediscovery”          

March 2010.  This Spring marks the 2nd season of what is fondly referred to as “This Chance Farm” and my commitment to food cultivation and an allegiance to the Urban Farm Movement.   The “Cinnamon Family Garden” is an oasis within a desert of “American Lawn Culture”, which is dedicated to the principles of Full Frontal Gardening.  This gardening practice is based upon the common sense philosophy…You Can’t Eat Grass.       

“Between Modesty and Freedom”, Esoteric Lore: Taryn Lee Crenshaw

March 26 -27, 2010. Toni Cade Bambara Conference and the exhibition opening for “Esoteric Lore” at the Spelman College, Women’s Research and Resource Center.        

May 21, 2010. “Esoteric Lore” Spring 2010 gathering and closing reception, were a well attended affair. The festivities featured excellent conversations, fellowship, tasty peach tea and the documentation of great media memory. “Esoteric Lore” is an artist collective of recent Bachelor of Arts graduates from colleges in the Atlanta area, examine, gender, media imagery, migration, motherhood and spiritual expression.  “Esoteric Lore” 2.0 is in production for the Spring 2011 exhibition season. 

Atlanta History 100% SEEK TRUTH

April 3, 2010. “Memory Flash”, a series of public performances to document and commemorate Atlanta Pride History.  This was a wonderful cross generational, cross ethnic, cross cultural, gay, straight, transgender; an equal opportunity social exchange. Cinnamon Traveler recognizes Atlanta History 100%.  Seek Truth.     

On that day we made history and created new memories. Of course the documentation continues. To commemorate Pride Month WABE Atlanta interviewed Wesley Chenault, Archivist and co-founder of “Memory Flash”. This discussion is about the significance of place in oral history.  This is Atlanta History 100%.  SEEK TRUTH. 

April 7, 2010. “Fly Sister Fly”, film premiere, a production of the Spelman College, (DMIS) Digital Moving Image Salon, 6th Annual Reel Women Showcase.  The film is based upon the story of adult education and the Pauline E. Drake Scholars journey to graduation at Spelman College.   At the end of May we shared our perspectives on the radio broadcast, Woman Speak, 89.3 WRFG, Atlanta. Stream the broadcast online, Thursdays at 7 o’clock.

June 18, 2010. “Fly Sister Fly”,  celebrated its “silver screen debut in the opening ceremony for, The Black Women Film Festival, at Woodruff Arts Center, Rich Auditorium. Click to view “Fly Sister Fly” silver screen debut, Mobile Upload. Click to view the film in its entirety. 

 April 12 – 17, 2010. “Road Warrior Tripping”,  this much need respite was a 2200 mile roundtrip East Coast sojourn between Atlanta and Martha’s Vineyard.  This journey celebrated the opening of the 13th Anniversary of the Cinnamon Traveler “All Island Cultural Tour”and of course the upcoming 2010 Summer Season.

May 1, 2010. Cinnamon Traveler Inaugural Walking Tour “100 Years of Sweet Auburn”.   A dream come true, this walking tour of Auburn Avenue in Downtown Atlanta, highlights the legacy of Alonzo Herndon and its influence upon the foundation and funding of the American Civil Rights Movement.  

Finally on June 12, 2010, Cinnamon Traveler online launched Version 3.0.  This is a new look that is facilitated by the WordPress content management tool and inspired by the interactive capabilities of Facebook.  We are extremely pleased by the new appearance and blogging capability.  

Technically, WordPress is new for me and I still have much more to learn about the nuances of content features and formatting. Yet it is everything that I have ever wanted from a website interface. Since our first launch of Cinnamon Traveler, Version 1.0 in June 1998, this is truly the first time that my online set up is exactly as I have always wanted! 

Recently I came across my horoscope for April 2, 2010. Surprisingly, this forecast proved to be more accurate than I could have ever imagined. 

Horoscope April 2, 2010 — Are you ready, Grace? Are you in shape for what is going to happen? The celestial aspects are heralding a new cycle that will be filled to the brim with activities, new people and new professional perspectives. Let’s hope that you have been able to get rested up lately. If you haven’t, try to schedule in some afternoon naps!