Martha’s Vineyard ~ Summer Season 2010

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~ Aquene & Best Greetings  from Martha’s Vineyard ~


April  13, was my first night on Island in the year 2010 and with this nod from the heavens, Cinnamon Traveler has an early start to the 2010 Summer Season.  This is the earliest season opening for us in many years.  My highly treasured early Spring Sojourn lasted approximately 48 hours.  In my world, this was truly Peace on Earth.  The opportunity to partake in a six day roundtrip run from Atlanta to the Cape was irresistable and despite the timing so close to final exams and end term deadlines, I still scored a 4.0 at the end of the spring semester.


My eternal curiousity to explore and wander, was influenced by my desire to determine the feasability of an MV run from Atlanta, as a shoestring adventure.  Furthermore since the trip evolved rapidly and pretty much on a turn of a dime, when the opportunity presented itself for me to take a road trip to the Vineyard, I figured why not?

My idea to create a  field study of the American Built enviroment via the Interstate highway system was a given. As a graduate researcher of Architectural History and as a hardcore road warrior the added bonus was that I was able to momentarily appease my unrelenting wanderlust.

During the entire first leg of the trip, we traveled from Atlanta to Cape Cod, with an overnight stop in Fredricksburg Virginia, sans any help from audio electronics…Nada. Zilch. No IPod, CD, Radio, Nothing.  It Was Fabulous!

Along the way we encountered tolls and rain through Maryland, Delaware and New Jersey.  As we crossed the Hudson River on the George Washington Bridge and into the Bronx we finally found partly sunny skies.  Up by Boston Post Road, we spied a FAIRWAY Supermarket and that was a shocker.  Once we reached I-95 in Connecticut, the traffic was thick but it moved smoothly under the reward of sunny skies.

This stretch of roadway  between New York and the Cape, due North along I-95 was a familiar one. We made our way through Rhode Island, mobile uploaded a wind turbine in Warwick  and crossed the Massachusetts state line around six o’clock.   First we crossed the Fall River Bridge where you can look south and smile at Newport RI.  Then further east, the Bourne Bridge delivered us to Cape Cod. The most splendid thing about this entire trip through the Northeast, had been the blessing to travel across salt water seas and spend time near the coast.

As dusk was approaching we arrived in Woods Hole, just in time to watch the 7:30 p.m. Steasmship ferry sail out of port.

It was no sweat though, we were able to stretch our legs and get our tickets for the 8:30 p.m. ferry. To pass the time we made an attempt to score some food. The spartan meal was most remarkable because of the noticeable changes that were apparent in the operation of the local pub, which were directly effected by the re-calibration of the Great Recession. These economic indicators were far more compelling than any culinary items  being offered on the sparse menu.      



Steamship Authority Terminal, Wood Hole, MA







Nevertheless, the local greeting to my old New England haunt was welcomed and we really were not that surprised that our food choices were meh. In reality we were simply glad that our arrangements were in order and that we were heading to Martha’s Vineyard on the last ferry of the night. Simple. Easy. 




Aquinnah Gay Head Lighthouse, Vineyard Sound, Massachusetts




As fortune would have it, the weather on both days was sunny and clear.  Naturally this meant that I spent the majority of my time visiting all my favorite Island places near the seashore.  



Up Island, Atlantic Ocean

























Regal Wind Swept Tree graces the Up Island vista.










Aquinnah Sunset







The last day was a bonus that had not been planned.  I had a late morning morning reservation, but when I awoke to a bright sunny morning, I knew immediately that there was no way, that I was not going to stay on Island and change my reservation to the six o’clock evening boat. 



Last Day: Weathervane sighting, Tisbury Town Hall














Last Day, Menemsha: Visiting sights on the MV African American Heritage Trail. This plaque marks the work of the Vineyard Vigilance Society.














Last Day: MV African American Heritage Trail, on the Menemsha side of West Basin.













Last Day: “I heard the Ocean’s siren song and was refreshed by her Salt Air”










 After two glorious days on Island, I made preparations for the return trip down South.  With a slightly heavy heart I waved farewell to the Vineyard and boarded the six o’clock  ferry.  Although I was sad to leave, I was happy to meet friends for dinner and an overnight stay in New Bedford, MA. 


Vineyard Haven Harbor









 Full of scrumptious food, vino and laughter, I briefly steeped my force field in the adventures and mysteries of the 19th century, Maritime Whaling World of Captain, Paul Cuffee and Captain, William A. Martin.

Well…in any case…this is what I imagined…You know how it goes… 

 Even 21st century Explorers have to dream daydreams and nurture their souls by visiting places that foster safe astral travels and enlightening mind adventures.

The next day before I left New Bedford I had another tastey Krioulo meal; made my acquaintance with an adorable newborn Girl Child, gassed up my car and then headed due south on I-95. I left midday, so by the time I drove through New Haven I got trapped in monster traffic all of the way to the Bronx.  

But I  was determined to make a fast stop in New York to wink,  grin and photograph the architectural wonder that is  Asphalt Green. Yes! and the Gods made sure that I would arrive on the Upper Eastside, just before dusk.  










Once I was finished taking pictures, I headed downtown to the Holland Tunnel to make my way south to the District for an overnight stay.  As a salute to the old days, I joyously drove from East Nintieth Street to the Eighty Sixth Street Transverse, drove through Central Park and made my way to the West Side and Central Park West and thought about Dr. Eleta Greene,  while I drove south on CPW, and passed the Museum of Natural History in the Seventies.  Moving along the Park, until the cut-over crazy mishagosh over by Lincoln Center, Columbus Circle, I headed southward to Times Square to smile and touch my one and only favorite representive of  New York’s Finest.  



Times Square









I will spare you dear reader a random NYPD rant, suffice it to say I arrived safely in Washington by 1:00 a.m.  Boy oh boy… was I happy to crash out!

The following day I was given a tour of Howard University and enjoyed a salad-brunch at Sweet Green, P Street, Logan Circle.  I ate one there and packed one to go.  Both Howard U and Sweet Green, were spectacular.  On a steady grind, I took the tunnel out of D.C. by  12:40 p.m.  I only sighted the Pentagon and some of the other monuments along the highway.  Time in the District was tight and my needs were basic; a safe space to rest, yummy food and stimulating mind candy. I got what I needed; Twelve Hours of the District.  Very Cool, next time I will have to stay longer.

I made my way South and arrived back in Atlanta by 11:00 p.m.

Yes the  shoestring adventure is possible.  As well, research and promotion can also be conducted with rewarding results and interesting findings.  I dropped off the tchotzche Cinnamon Traveler cards all along the way from Massachusetts to South Carolina.

2200+ Miles in Six Days was a record number mileage for me and I was delighted to do it. It was Affirming to be back on the Vineyard to consider another season of tour adventures. We captured a lot of great images On Island, in New York and on HU campus, plus some random “WOW…I Like” pictures from along the roadway.

More pictures will be posted soon, so Please Stand By.

Thank you for touching base.

Yes, this summer the ALL ISLAND CULTURAL  &  EASY LIVING TOURS  are available on Martha’s Vineyard. Tours reservations are welcome and always accepted.  I look forward to speaking with you soon…

You Name It…We Go!