Summer 2010 ~ Ready to Turn on a Dime

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Middle Georgia Organic Blueberry Project has Blueberries that are ripe and ready for you to pick! To help my friend the All Nation Elder Farmer, Cinnamon Traveler is Scheduling Daily Morning Appointments from June 30 – July 19, 2010…or until whenever the blueberries run out. There is Solidarity in Blueberries. Support the Urban Farm Movement.  CLICK HERE FOR BLUEBERRIES 


“You Pick” Organic Blueberry Project, Middle Georgia

You Pick, You Drive: Blueberries are $10.50 per gallon Exact change is appreciated.

You Pick, I Drive: Blueberries are $10.50 per gallon Exact change is appreciated. Roundtrip transportation $30.00, Limited Seating.  Early departures leave daily from Camp Creek Parkway and arrive one hour later at the Organic Blueberry Project, in Middle Georgia.** 

$30.00 Roundtrip transportation between Camp Creek Parkway and the Organic Blueberry Project, Middle Georgia is payable via Paypal, use the email address:

**All excursions leave Camp Creek Parkway no later 9:15 a.m.



One Gallon of Organic Blueberries

Today we picked One Gallon and have been gobbling blueberries all day long…kid you not! It’s a wrap. These blueberries are ripe, delicious and organic.

I am looking for recipes to preserve, serve and conserve the Blueberries. This has turned into a Blueberry Fest.  I have already scheduled two appointments and been invited to schedule more.


STOP READING NOW, if you do not need to know, How and When I met the, All Nation Elder Blueberry Farmer?


In the 2009 fall semester, my first class at XYZ University was ‘American Suburbs’. The course was taught by a young and forward thinking PhD.  My program encourages us to select a specialization sooner rather than later, so I surrendered to Architectural History. I have an undying appreciation for buildings, harbors, farms, parks, and gardens; bicycles, boats, cars, trains, roads and railroad tracks…you know the Built Environment and the full assortment of machinery that tread upon the landscape.  

Research for my end term paper, Summary of the Urban Farm Movement: Cultivating Food Production in the 2009 Growing Season, “You Can’t Eat Grass”, introduced me to several local family growers in Atlanta and nationally.  I was even able to participate in a group interview with Will Allen, the 2008 John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Genius Award winner, urban farm pioneer and founder of Growing Power, located in Milwaukee Wisconsin.  Once I learned that Growing Power also worked in Chicago, I came to believe that his work had influenced the White House initiative to plant out the South Lawn with food cultivation.

 The farmers were friendly and willing to share their experiences and personal ideas regarding their stewardship with the land.   

Everyone suggested that I speak with someone else. Whenever I interviewed a grower, I always finished with a new name and number to contact, hence the research grew.  It was fascinating and captured my full attention. I only stopped the field research, because I had to write the paper. 

However the most memorable homestead site that I visited was owned and managed by an All Nation Elder Farmer, who has a prize annual crop of Organic Blueberries in Middle Georgia.     


Blueberries ripening on the bush

As I mentioned upthread, the berries are just beginning to ripen. Today I picked my first gallon of the season and have been munching berries all day long!  My intention is to gather  instructions and recipes to preserve, serve and conserve these luscious and tasty Blueberries.

Ripe, delicious and organic.   As you can see on the left blueberries are ripening daily. 


My friend the All Nation Elder Farmer wants you to know that the social aspect of entertaining berry pickers is most enjoyable and always welcomes the opportunity to share in Fellowship and Salute the Earth’s bounty.  The picking time is now!  There is Solidarity in Blueberries. Support the Urban Farm Movement.


  1. Yvonne says:

    What a wonderful tip and a great reminder of the great bounty of natural goodness available to us. Thank you so much!!

  2. admin says:

    Yvonne this is what it is really all about and it is my pleasure to pass the goodness on! Feel free to let people know about these flavorful blueberries.

  3. Lavendermoonlite says:

    One of the reasons why I love the Summer.

  4. admin says:

    Same here LM…this is the beautiful time!