American Sentence Challenge

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It was all about the Craft and it started with an invitation from Selana & her Left Coast Crew.

On May 29, 2010 this tagged invitation appeared on my Facebook page;  

American Sentence Challenge Day 4 (for D.E.Fraser and Grace Lynis ): “Teased cause, ‘she sounds White’; sad for them, they FORGOT the girl could also FIGHT!”  17 syllables a day–Join Us!

American Sentences – Resources, Poems, Essays & Interviews

I was pretty psyched about the prospect of creating 17 syllable sentences especially since at that point I had watched Selana for four days running. No doubt I was diggin’ the space to freestyle and to be creative.  I am normally chatty on FB so this exercise allowed me to practice the craft. So I plied the course and made a range of statements that extended from the clever to the critical, ethereal, political and the romantic. 

LOL at the end I realized that I Need a 30 Day Spelling Challenge.  After reviewing my posts I found at least 4 misspelled words…Ootch…Ouch…Dang!

Yet no one called me on them.  Perhaps that was due to an understanding that this was a summertime exercise of love that warranted no correction, criticism or critique.  This was for fun and all back biting pettiness fell back.  Additionally, there are so many other entertaining things to read on FB…and so like why bother?  

As I understand it the challenge was to write a 17 syllable sentence, for 30 days.  Based off of the invitation that I received and the Lead’s [Selana’s] example we used our status field 30 times as a quasi FB journal-entry to document what was on our minds.

 My Favorite: 

American Sentence Challenge, Day 9: “Heard the Ocean’s siren song and was refreshed by her fragrant Salt Air”

And, I got a hit out of writing these five sentences as well:

Day 6: Writing online, dragging the content across the web, thoughts, words, verse, Progress.

Day 12 Real Truth: “Dreamt about seeds, Taurus Moon Today, fertile planting time, PLANT SEEDS NOW*”

Day 13: “Although we chose not to act upon the feelings, the goodness remains.” 

Day 16: “Cool air, wine and the World Cup Games, turned this place into Naptime Central.”

Day 19: “Lakers win Championship now Celtics fans can go home and shut up!”

Anyone can jump in at any time and make the commitment to the 30 day challenge. It does not have to be consecutive nor is it required that your entry be publicized on Facebook.  The only requirements seem to be an adherence to the challenge, a fondness for the world of words and a desire to practice the craft. 

Thank you to everyone who shouted us out and cheered us on through the Challenge. Special thanks goes to the Lead, Ms. Selana Allen for turning me on  and for inspiring me with words of encouragement so that I too would complete the 30 Day American Sentence Challenge.

American Sentence Challenge Day 31:  “Life’s what you make it, dance like no one is watching…‘Ain’t no half stepping”


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