Message for The Feast of St. Cinnamon

July 15th, 2010 by admin Categories: Random No Responses

Father Time does not make round trips, so enjoy the journey.

Today I spent time down in Middle Georgia at the Organic Blueberry Project. This was my 5th or 6th visit this season.  Now although the number of times that I have visited does not really matter, I have been having such a nice time on every ocassion, that I have sort of lost count.

Nevertheless, after picking my berries, I had the chance to enjoy a cool down chat with the All Nation Elder Farmer. Able bodied and of sound mind, my farmer friend has been showing me what a lifetime of full and rich experiences can look like, well into the ninth decade of life. Needless to say, our brief friendship has inspired me in more ways than any words could describe.

However one thing that has become crystal clear to me is this; our actions, deeds, thoughts and words dictate the look and feel of “our reality”.

Part of the Cinnamon Traveler lore is how we came up with our name.  Cinnamon is a sacred spice and its esoteric properties  are Spirituality, Healing, and Psychic Powers.  It is said that you can also use Cinnamon for Protection, Love and Knowledge and to promote Friendship and Prosperity. 

Annually for the last sixteen years, from July 12 – July 19,  The Feast of St. Cinnamon has celebrated and recognized the sanctity of family, love, a personal commitment to a mindful existence and the pursuit of a lifetime of full and rich experiences.  Yes crisis does strike and so no, we can not control everything in our world. Yet we are in control of the way that we conduct ourselves during times of crisis and especially within our  world. 

I have a friend who is excellent at selecting names. She calls me Peach. And based off of our interactions I have given her the nickname Mama Leone, because she is true to her people and to herself.  She is intellectually curious, has a ready smile, flashing eyes and a whole lot of swagger. Additionally she is all about love.  She encourages us to avoid being GLIFs, which is a Goddess Living In Fear.  Her attitude is “Make the best of the circumstances and the make the situation work for you.”

I shared this acronym with the All Nation Elder Farmer.  No doubt we got a real kick out of this creative acronym and its very cool meaning.  But the greater reason for me to share, was because the Middle Georgia Organic Blueberry Project embodies this principle to the fullest extent. 

Memorial eulogies are cool but most people prefer to receive their accolades and flowers when they can appreciate them. Hence I let my farmer friend know through words and deeds just how much our friendship has meant to me.  My time spend at the Middle Georgia Organic Blueberry Project is made possible because of a lifetime of living beyond the confines of fear. FEAR is false evidence appearing real. And the All Nation Elder Farmer is having none of that!

So do you, whatever it is that you do, just do your best.  Because at the end of the day Father Time does not do roundtrips.

Real Talk!