Sad Story, Great Coverage

July 21st, 2010 by admin Categories: Random No Responses

Monday, July 19, 2010 an extremely bad fire destroyed Dutcher Dock, Menemsha. 

The MV Times has provided extensive coverage and updates for this sad story. 

I have just looked at the images and am shocked, 

Especially by the aerial views,

Seen from the sky the devastation is so clear.

Cinnamon Traveler guests visit Menemsha, to experience the authentic fishing village, tales of yore and points of historical significance on the Martha’s Vineyard African American Heritage Trail. 

Additionally, Menemsha is a seafood and sunset beach.

I just got off of the telephone with the MV Krioulo who went to take a look at the damage on Tuesday.  She reports that thankfully no one was hurt and that Wind blew the fire away from causing the gas tanks to explode.  “Cars that where burned, had melted tires, it looked like a movie”

This is very sad news indeed.

Perhaps I will say more after I bear witness next week.