Why We Love Brooklyn Heights

July 25th, 2010 by admin Categories: Mobile New York Random 2 Responses

Before the advent of social media and our collective worship at the ecumenical temple, “Our Lady of the Beloved Facebook”, in the dense metropolis’ of the Earth, people have always lived their private lives in public. New York is no different, especially during the summertime.

Similar to equal access social media venues, public landscapes are democratic territories, where everyone shares the same spaces; sidewalks, playgrounds and parks. When a dog craps the sidewalk or a child pukes the sandbox, we all experience the discomfort. Conversely when the poop is scooped and ailing youngsters are quarantined from group play, we are all grateful.

Naturally this is why we love the Brooklyn Promenade. High above the roadway of the BQE, the breezes, the sunshine and the views are one and the same for all who stroll along the pavement, on the western edge of the Island of Long.

I once met a women who said “Brooklyn is God’s Country”.  So whether you reside in Bedford Stuyvesant, Bushwick, Atlanta or up the block in Brooklyn Heights, at the convergence of the Upper Harbor and the built environment, access to these vistas represent a microcosm of democracy in action.  Find a bench, take the load off and enjoy.

We love “The Heights” because it is the home of “The Promenade”.

Jane and John Q. Public, this space is for You.  Brooklyn History 100%.

  1. Lavendermoonlite says:

    Love the Promenade…many dreamy Summer nights spent eating ice cream thinking about love.

  2. Olori Zahiyah says:

    New York the Empire State…………Is where I was born, the BRONX! Skipping rope, hop scotch, double dutch, red light green light 123, hot peas in the pot with butter cum git yo suppa, miz mary mack mack mack all dressed in black. The sounds and dancing to the drunken drums beats inside the red painted wooden storefront named, “Centro do Shango”. I remember as an 8 year old, how I stood mesmerized and since then, have yet to forget! Maferefun Shango!

    Oshun Kayorde