Best Walk In NY *The Brooklyn Bridge*

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One of the best walks in New York City is between Brooklyn and New York, across the Brooklyn Bridge. These are the best views, the breezes and the best sunshine. This is a place, where you really feel like you are on top of the world.

A relative latecomer, I have been walking the bridge since the 1980s. Goddess willing I hope to continue to walk it, at least for another three decades to come. Albeit perhaps at a more leisurely pace, but if I have any say in the matter, Walk it I will.

Oh yeah and did I mention that this is the the best place to catch a breeze and enjoy the sunshine without going to the shore? No I won’t say it again.

Nowadays there are even licensed vendors on the walkway. Some are selling charcoal sketches and others are vending iced cold beverages. Okay so it’s not beer, but gimme a break…this is suppose to be a fun time, who wants or needs drunk people on the bridge?

Besides walking the bridge is still free and as my Grandmother used to say, “if it’s free, then I’ll have three!”


From the Brooklyn side, look for the signs on Cadman Plaza West, the sign will read “Brooklyn Bridge Walkway”.  Take the A train to High Street, exit the station in the middle of the platform, once upstairs you, will be on Cadman Plaza West.

On the New York side, take the east side trains 4, 5, or 6 to the Brooklyn Bridge stop. If when come upstairs to the street you are turned around, just ask a friendly face to direct you to the Brooklyn Bridge Walkway. Of course if you take a cab, the driver should know.  Or say something about the east side of City Hall Park, so it seems like you know…


New York is an easy place to navigate and getting a map will make  it easier and also help you understand which direction you are traveling in, for the adventure at hand.  Subway mapd are free and are a great start.

Wear comfortable shoes and bring a camera, because You my fellow Cinnamon Traveler are in for a Treat!