Clubbing Atlanta*Paradise Garage Tribute*

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Clubbing in Atlanta, the Paradise Garage Tribute*SpreadLove, DJ Kemit and DJ Red Alert, at the West Side 595 North Avenue Event Space, Saturday August 28, 2010. House Music All Night Long!      

Whoever said that youth was wasted on the young, obviously did not know about House.  Naturally this is because seasoned-youth does not have to prove anything, since we know just what to do, to make it all work. We Understand.  



DJ Red Alert, Paradise Garage Tribute, Atlanta

School started this week, so all jokes aside, Fall semester 2010 is now in full effect.  I had a great summer, just so that I would be ready for this power grind course of study.    

First Weekend of the semester and Saturday starts early with a tea party with A.L., then quickly the pace accelarates to include library time, Trader Joe duty, dinner prep, Spanish homework and a hissy text rant to one of my best friends about the angst of going to school… Etcetera, etc., ad nauseum. I love crying to her. Luckily she was miles away and living her own life, so she did not have to bust me up and make me behave, face to face.  Instead, she ignored the rant.  God I love my Homie! 

Yet all day long, while on my trek through the Wild Kingdom, I kept thinking about Clubbing, House, SpreadLove DJ Kemit, DJ Red Alert, and the Tribute to Paradise Garage at 595 North Avenue Event Space.  

Like I usually do though  

I wavered about whether I would hang out and Club or Instead…enjoy the knowing comforts of time spent at home.  Laying in the cut, being witchy because school was in session and periodically harassing the shit out of the resident Menfolk…Ohhh my, Decisions, decisions.   

No doubt, I was headed in my usual direction   

When at 10:12 I read my Sisterfriend TMS’s 9:40 FB message, simply stated: “Grace, see you there!!”  

Man, I jumped up, grabbed my wears, broke out the house and got up the block up before I turned into a pumpkin. WHAT?!  Soon as I get near the entrance, I see that SWAT and I are approaching the door at the same exact time, from opposite directions.  YES*!*  Hooty Hoot! NB was in the HOUSE!   

This was not planned, but simply divine order. Good Googa Mooga & Alakazam ~  I tithed my ducats, Then just like that, We were BITD, way back in the day. Went down front by the stage, I held my space, surrendered to the beat and danced the night away.

I was too tired going in the Club to start drinking and then try to drive home drunk at 3:00 a.m.   I ain’t being preachy but Seasoned Youth knows the price of liberty and at this point in the game, we are not interested in rearranging anything. You know what I am saying…who wants to muck it all up???

So in my salute to the reality of Sunday, Family Life, school work and the Paradise Garage style of clubbing, I only drank water, did not sit down and danced to every single song.

We Love Club House because at the end of the night you have no troubles. The crowd was beautiful, the air was cool, the music was bumping and DJ Kemit and DJ Red Alert made sure that we will always remember, that it is all about the Mix.   

Homemade over-bass iPhone In the Mix Video.DJ RedAlert.8.28.10 


















































Cinnamon Traveler In The Audience with an iPhone, Love, Peace  and my friends and kindly neighbors all around me.  All Dance is Joyous Praise to the Goddess Earth and her good husband Sun God. Club House Music is no exception…BLESS*