Fast, furious, August, the Vineyard, keep up.

August 5th, 2010 by admin Categories: Martha's Vineyard Random One Response

Daily morning swims “At The Water” in fellowship and praise with the Oak Bluffs Polar Bears starts the day at 7:30 a.m.  All kind hearts and Mermaids are welcome.

I do not know where you reside at year-round, but in my neck of the woods, the treasure of an early morning swim in the ocean is immeasurable…you can’t  beat it with a stick!!!

Not to mention that during the month of August, the Fireworks Show, Illumination Night and the MV County Fair are coupled with Book Signings, Community Forums, Film Festivals, Memorial Scholarship Golf Tournaments and Cinnamon Traveler tours around Martha’s Vineyard, make for plenty of activity choices to occupy your time On Island. 

The bigger more serious question for me is; Can I keep up…you know can I really hang??? 

Everyone who knows me understands that after curfew, I fade and turn into a pumpkin.

Nevertheless I try my best to hang tough but in any case, I remember to drink plenty of water to go along with the copious amounts of delicious red wine.

Because although a hangover can be worked off “at the water”  Hangovers are no fun, especially while mixing work and play during the brief summer break, on the Island in the Sun. 

Avoid Mopeds

Have A Good Time


  1. Delores Brown says:

    While I was on MV in July, I bought from one of the local galleries, a similar picture of the ground. Although my ground photograph is minus the feet, I am feeling like this must be serendipity, that you would have a similar picture posted to the site.