Seen and Heard: MV 2010

August 20th, 2010 by admin Categories: Martha's Vineyard Mobile Random One Response



Real talk with Cool Papa and we went all around the map to include; His thoughts on First Lady Michelle Obama, the First Family and eye witness  accounts of the Presidential Motorcade, –Down Island Politics, On Island Work Life, Seasonal Excise Tax and for our musical pleasure, “Money” by Pink Floyd.

Many years ago I wrote an essay about Martha’s Vineyard as a vacation Family Oasis.  The Vineyard is diverse and attracts everyone Equally; the poor, the rich, the hard working and the lazy, some who are famous, notorious and plenty who remain unknown. And as well, the dutiful middle and working classes, who have saved the entire year, just for a brief respite On Island away from the pressures of their everyday grind. 

Yes God the Island is a beautiful place and everyone wants to find a way to secure their time under the healing rays of the Vineyard Sun.  Yep just like Roy Ayers sings, “Everyone Loves The Sunshine.”

My schedule may not allow me to be on Island for the entire season but fortunately, some my people surely can.

No doubt, Everything, Is Everything!

*Summer 2010. BLESS*