SWAG: New York Street Life

August 14th, 2010 by admin Categories: Featured Mobile New York Random One Response

With a to do list on my mind, I was making my way to Harry’s on the Upper West Side, while talking to my Father and moving through Saturday noon time Sixth Avenue traffic. I would say that we rode together from Canal Street to just south of Columbus Circle. 

I was kind of multi tasking; driving, talking and sightseeing…

While gabbing away I catch sight in my periphery  

—A strong lean man, decked out fully in Crochet. What?! 

Immediately, I am thinking…”DAG, I have to get this shot!”

…and start fumbling with the phone

Oops!  (dc)

Well I did get the Cool Crochet Cat on film.   

He was my “Fashion Hero of The Day”

My Goodness, check it out…Brotherman Has Style.

Fortunately, I have a Dad who also appreciates the creative process.  And so once I called back, we continued where we left off. He was glad to hear all about it and I was more than happy to tell him all of the details.

So as I made my way around Brooklyn and New York during the Perfect Weather Summer, I took pictures of New York street life and new construction to document old memories, recent changes and urban beauty. 

Most of it was straight forward and some of it was absurd.  A lot has changed, especially in Brooklyn. Yet the “Up Top” swag  is In Full Effect.  It has not diminished.  It remains the same.