Vintage Vineyard

August 1st, 2010 by admin Categories: Destinations Martha's Vineyard Mobile No Responses

A glorious Sunday spent On Island, lounging and appreciating the “can do” spirit of Vineyard cars, houses and people.  

Late in the afternoon I made my way to Edgartown to see my Papy and have a really smooth cup of coffee. While in town  I sighted this kick-ass mint condition vintage MG.  I believe it was a Spitfire…isn’t it a beauty?  At the same time I had prepped and begun to cook a tasty minimal carbon footprint dinner of  locally grown corn on the cob, spinach tomato salad and organic bird from Morning Glory Farm, for Juliana Irene and me. 

Vineyard Vintage would have it that we would both be On Island from Atlanta at the same exact time.  Completely unplanned  ~ yet very much in divine order, we caught up, laughed, reminisced and marveled at the good fortune of being able to enjoy this peace of heaven, seven miles off of the southeast coast of Massachusetts.

We have planned to meet again tomorrow morning At The Water for Polar Bear Fellowship, breakfast and Cinnamon Traveler Insider’s Guide signing.

Vintage Vineyard recognizes the Glory of the Earth, the Sea and the Goddess. We recycle,  refurbish and reuse all that is good and functional ~ with Style Purpose and Grace.   *Give Thanks*