More Car Fetish *I-20 West* Purple Lamborghini

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GRADUATE STUDENT ADVISORY: Remember to clear your head, so that you don’t lose your head.

On that note, I am taking this short break from reading to think about what I like, to love up my blog and to Salute this fine weather Saturday in Georgia and New York.

Today back home in Brooklyn, a Iyawo Oya is being born. Orixa is always good and before the Iyawo left Atlanta, the Ancestors were properly feted.  Naturally, last weekend here in Atlanta, there were ‘La Regla’ celebrations three days straight. Friday, Saturday and Sunday; Workshop, Bembe and an Oro. If you could not make one, then you made the other.

Sunday Sunset, Heading West from the Oro, I had just spent time with my church Family, so was  feeling good, spiritually lifted and deep in my head, enjoying my bliss.  Then I heard this sound, ZRROOOOM…and a Purple Lamborghini sped by Me. 


“Oh Goodness today is the Sabbath, please Forgive Me…”

I look around

Whip out my camera

And off I GO…

Traffic starts to hem us in, as we get closer to the Downtown Connector.

Birdseye View…Dag I even caught the road signs, does that say “Boulevard”?