Thankfulness & Abundance

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For me Gratitude is Thankfulness in Abundance, for the basics, for political progress and for the small yet steady strides towards social justice. Naturally I give thanks for everything and er’body. For Ms. Dubose’s call, for my intellectual curiosity, for scholarship, for my job, for the people who have come before me, who have set the path so well that exponentially it has enhanced my way.  No doubt I give thanks for laughter, kind smiles and for the simple joys in life. You know the Sunset, fresh water, the sound of the surf, the voices and touch of those that I love.












I give thanks for Clean Water, a Safe Environment, for the vastness of my family and my place in this far reaching CLAN. The bounty of the Earth, the beautiful sounds of Jazz music and the many ways that I see healing taking place, all give me pause and render me humbled. One gift at a time, I Give Thanks. 

I Love all my people, Your presence, love and influence significantly enrich my life.

Yes My Heart Is Filled With*Gratitude*Abundance*For All That* 

Urban Bounty

Auburn Avenue, due west.

Truly Living Well–Urban Farm, Atlanta GA

Local and Regional Grown Food

Always Thankful.

The NB MASSIVE is spread far and wide, this is where we come from, this is our soil, the sandy loom from the Island of Long. This is where we grew, this is our soil.

Just as thankful as I am for where I am from, I am also just as thankful for where I am at.

So Yes…Thankful that when I drive the long way home, I can catch a glimpse of the TP Studio; administrative buildings, sets, fences, the whole campus. Haha!! Only in the A; a movie lot in the Hood. TRUST we understand the principles of capitalism. Yes BUY BLACK. Even if it means that the closest that I get to a Tyler Perry movie is a drive by of the set. You know, the built environment and all that Jazz. I buy the notion, because really a notion is how it all starts.

Drive-by photography is one my guilty pleasures, so I am thankful for the protection that I receive to (ahem) pursue the sport. Pardon the crappy shots but there was traffic behind me. When I drive by again, I will update the post.


Broccoli, sweet potatoes, collards, beets and tomatoes that were saved from the frost, all were harvested from Urban Farm at Truly Living Well, Atlanta GA. The squash was grown regionally one state north, in South Carolina.

Think differently.

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