IMANI follows KUUMBA and both follow NIA.

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Kwanzaa challenges the materialism of the year end holiday season. That is a paraphrase of what Michel Martin said this evening on her NPR radio broadcast, “Tell Me More“.

Today the principle of distinction is Kuumba, which emphasizes Creativity. It is followed tomorrow by the seventh and final principle of Kwanzaa, IMANI, which is defined by our dedication to Faith.

The principles of the season, my recent solar return and my most pressing and immediate concern,NIA or purpose that weighed heavily on my mind was to meet my farm connection to get fresh Collards for New Year’s Day dinner. So many thoughts and ideas were stirring around in my mind, while I listened to music and drove Downtown.

December 31, the last day of a hardcore yet thoroughly enjoyable 365 days. Yet again I found myself thinking about how much had changed during the month of December and of course making the Collard Greens connection.

It was ironic how so many events in December summarized the totality of the entire year. (…grant me some latitude here…) In the greater universe Michael Vick successfully made a come back from disgrace and that was a nice enough story of triumph. Yet in my neck of the wild kingdom “Our Fair Lady” Sheba Diva said her final farewell and her parting still leaves me feeling broken hearted.  Another metaphor to illustrate the extremes of the year 2010 can naturally be observed in the weather. Here in Atlanta, the last week of 2010 began with Christmas snow and ended with an lovely and mild 66 degree high on New Year’s Eve.

December like the whole of 2010 was a sensory mash-up. A mix bag of Fun, Adventure, Knowledge, EXTREME Passion, Understanding and Universal LOVE. My world alone featured or was influenced by so many projects and interest. Auburn Avenue. British Petroleum. Fly Sister Fly. Esoteric Lore. Memory Flash. Middle Georgia Blueberry Project. Martha’s Vineyard. New York.  More Than Enough Scandal From Christian Clergy. New Relations and California Connections. Mindful Community. Wordsmithing and the beauty that is WordPress.

December came strong and so did 2010. And now they are both gone.

Oh yeah…so I went downtown to make my farm connection to buy fresh harvest Collards and I found myself psyched-up and turned-out by the sight of Truly Living Well Wheat Street Garden. WHOA!

Urban Agriculture takes another step in 2011 that requires we Think Differently. “You can’t eat pavement and you can’t eat grass!”

There is so much backstory to this landscape and I was delightfully thrown off and unprepared by the magnitude of the experience. In my quest to get ‘greens’ I was introduced to a urban garden oasis nestled within the downtown built environment; raised beds, original re-crete pavement, squat stairs and terraced landscapes that course the terrain and all surrounded by mature trees bare in the winter light and guarding the perimeter. Deep Preparation for the 2011 Growing Season.  BRAVO!

TLW Wheat Street Garden is center city acreage that is dedicated to Food Sovereignty and bordered by the downtown skyline. To witness the transformation of this inner city land from a blighted plot, to a landscape dedicated to food cultivation was & is very powerful.

So, as I customarily do when I am awestruck and fall in love; with a profound swiftness, out came my iPhone camera and from the ground up…post haste…I started to capture a 360 degree view of my immediate surroundings.

But before the photographs. To fully understand my level of excitement…check this out!

TEXT: Just got turned out by the Wheat Street Garden…the soil was being delivered and OMG it smelled like fresh tobacco_ Ohmygoddess****Heaven. Erykah’s singing, “Window Seat”…all is good for sure 4 sho’

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