Cinnamon Traveler in L.A.

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I have no shame, I embrace the wanderer within me, I smile with my tourist self, I make sure that she feels Good…You know how it goes: Driving all wrong, Camera pointed everywhere…Oh look at this! Ah look at that! Hahaha…Until the very next wonder, which quickly approaches in the very next block, then the exclamation gets louder, stronger & becomes…Whoa Look At! WOW!!!

Yep my first day on the West Coast was just like that… Oh! Ah! Whoa! WOW!!!

An early morning breakfast at the Pacific Ocean jumped off my day and Spirit immediately recognized the benefits of Pacific Coast Love*

67 degrees and climbing, Hot damn, I was off to a great start.

After blowing off the Ice Extremes of mid-January Atlanta, my glee was palatable and I was loving the bright Southern California sunlight. So much so that by the end of the day, I found myself walking around Los Angeles continuously grinning and smiling everywhere.  That’s right…that was me…just like the Cheshire Cat…skinning and grinning *the big sparkle smile*  Smiling at everything and everybody.

The warm weather left me feeling surprised and stirred up. No coat. No jacket. What? L.A. in January,I didn’t know…WHOA…WOWWW!

I had not been to the West Coast in over 2 years and not in L.A. in even longer. So yeah…TOTALLY…I was feeling turned-on, turned-out and just plain happy.

I recently saw this Facebook status that summarizes my exact sentiments,
“For me the best way to clear the mind and refresh the spirit is to travel” –Farai Chideya

All Smiles>>>Adventurous Journeys!

First Stop

Fulfilling a spirit pact in four days and five nights…I spent all my time near the Ocean, primarily in West L.A.  Never venturing further inland than a drive through on Highway 101, which was fine by me, since beach time was so needed.  And of course, Every time that I heard MJ’s music, his voice singing brightly from a variety of random sound systems along my journey… I instinctively knew that I was in his town.  Whoop! Whoop! HeeeHEEE!

I love you Michael Jackson!!! Thank you for the sweet MLK weekend style–L.A. Welcome…Long Live the King! I felt it and it was BOSS. When you have the choice to dance or sit it out…Choose to DANCE*