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I am going to extend myself on a limb by saying that I have identified my lucky shirt. Okay so you don’t believe. Whatever, Next…
Anyway* Yes that would be my Living Goddess sweatshirt.

It was a birthday gift and I have treasured it ever since it came into my life because whenever I wear it, all kinds of sweet instances of possibly and random opportunity, finds its way directly to me.

For instance a spur of the moment lunch date with my sister from another mother, turned into a yummy fest of chat and light food. Conversation about family, easily lead to useful recipe ideas and onto more serious talk in recognition of karmic and political solutions as they are played out in our daily lives and in the wider world. Additionally, I received the gift of homemade ghee. YES!  Give Thanks for this dear and cherished friendship.

Then after we parted ways, I sighted a strong and handsome young man, sporting a Spelman College sweatshirt.
That’s right. A proud and self contained Morehouse Man wearing a Spelman College sweatshirt. Man!

Naturally Spelman Women have appropriated the Morehouse sweatshirt into the vast reaches of their casual wardrobe, long ago.

However, this was my very first time seeing the strength and deliciousness of Africano manhood, draped in the gear from my Alma Mater.

Oo wee Baby!!

Yes I was pleased. Very!

No I am not a Free Range Jaguar, but Mr. Tenderloni was Wearing that sweatshirt!

But most importantly, what I appreciated most was that this man was secure enough in his manhood, to wear a Spelman College sweatshirt on a Friday evening, in downtown Atlanta. Now that is Real Talk. It reminded me of manly man that I met years ago, who dared to sport matching pink Calvin Klein under garments. Now y’all, I will behave myself but trust me, there was never the need to question his masculinity.

So with my signature style of enthusiasm, mixed with my sparkle smile, I greeted him and shared my approval. Tastefully of course. Which is why I was easily granted permission to take his picture.

In hindsight I wonder…do you think that this man also subscribes to the belief in the power of the lucky shirt brigade of Casually Conscious fashionista/fashionisto wannabees?

Naturally we opted to appeal to the allure of mystery. Old school, I believe in leaving something to the imagination.  You feel me?

I invited Brother Tenderoni to come salute Spelman on Founders Day, and no doubt dressed in Spelman gear.

Spelman College, is a Liberal Arts institution that celebrates Founders Day during the month of April. For one hundred thirty years, Spelman College has provided education and opportunity for Africana Women.

Our Hearts To Thine.