You need $$? At least it’s not Moondust that you want!

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I was reminded of something that my Dad says.  Years ago when we were talking about the nature of opportunity, he told me that his mother used to advise him of the importance of being able to immediately recognize the face value of a blessing.  Grandma used to say, that the window of opportunity is only raised slightly from the sill, for a short period of time and on a moments notice, it can slam shut completely.

Watch your fingers Baby!

Pay attention Sister, Today is Tuesday. Tuesday is for Analogy!

All day long the analogy has ruled the flow of ideas in my mind.

Here is another one:

Although the icing melts off, thank God the cake is still good.

So when the invitation arrived, it warmed my heart because it came with a smile.

We laughed and you said, “if they all they want is money? No problem…at least it’s not Moondust that they want!”

Yep.  Get ready and be ready, so when the time comes, you won’t miss a lick.


Dear Renegade Rulers of  United Kingdom of Corporations & United Corporations of America: London, Birmingham, Liverpool are burning, Verizon employees are on strike and the Standard & Poors credit rating downgrade of  U.S. treasury notes, strongly suggests that Clean Air, Clean Water, Education, Fair Wages, and Respect are what really matter to the masses. Plain and simple. Nothing magic or exotic, so stop blowing smoke up our noses and moondust in our eyes!