Touching Base!

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Hey There, October Blue Skies! I have been missing all of you Freedom Lovers! How are you?  This is my thesis semester, nothing much going on except schoolwork.  Billie says that the thesis is all about “reading about it, writing about it, adding new thought.” So I have been off the grid and in the library, reading about it, writing about it and of course adding new thought!

This everyday academic grind is threatening to break me. Not to mention the tattered remains of my sorely neglected social life. Oh dear me…this constant reading, thinking, and writing are consuming so much of my precious time…hence this photo repost from May 2011.

Some days leave me very cranky. Then on other days, my mind soars and I daydream, a lot. I think about the upcoming spring garden and fall semester for 2012. And of course I dream about travel, about Tanzania, the South Pacific, and about Cuba. La Habana, Cienfuegos and about how there are so many pictures and minutes of footage that still await my attention.  

Wedged between the reality of graduate school and the daily task of spinning words into concise, engaging sentences and thought provoking paragraphs; My heart gets lifted by the hundreds of photographs that fuel my imagination and steer the direction of my jealously cherished armchair travel adventures.

Oh My Goodness, Yes, There are so many beautiful images. 

I Promise Y’all, As Soon As The Thesis Is Done*


Soon Come.

Please Continue To Stand By.

Meantime, enjoy a brew on me!