Sing a Simple Song

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Hey Freedom Lovers! 

So this is the deal…Monday night, close to my final stretch…Oh yeah…Please just keep it moving if you’re feeling mean, drinking a cocktail that is spiked with hatorade or you just ain’t trying to be sunny, because this post is nothing earth shattering. Instead it’s just me, an OG, musing away and singing a simple song.

Anyway…While looking for a citation, I came across this Kicker… 

See, I have to rename a chapter, and was getting the skinny on the expression Damn Yankees, Yup, Dem Yamn Dankees,

And this is little of what was found on Wiki. 

Damn Yankee

The damned Yankee usage dates from 1812. During and after the American Civil War (1861–1865) Confederates popularized it as a derogatory term for their Northern enemies. 

In an old joke, a Southerner alleges, “I was twenty-one years old before I learned that ‘damn’ and ‘yankee’ were separate words.” It became a catch phrase, often used humorously for Yankees visiting the South, as in the mystery novel, Death of a Damn Yankee: A Laura Fleming Mystery (2001) by Toni Kelner

Another popular although facetious saying is that “a yankee is someone from the North who comes to the South for a visit and then goes back. A damn Yankee is someone from the North who comes to the South and stays there.”

LOLLL…Of course I have heard this joke before, but it still cracks me up! Especially because it was found on Wiki.  

Anyway, the eventual chapter will be named, Jim Crow is a Damn Yankee, who Behaves Like a New Yorker.

Okay, going back into the trenches…Nice chatting with you.   

All Love & Soul Power, Au Revoir