On the Road – Day 16

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Best Greetings from Havana,

This is the start of a week for many celebrations! Similar to the still handsome Mr. Sydney Poiter, and the beautiful and graceful Ms. Nancy Wilson, today here in La Habana Vieja, another elder is enjoying the fruits of a long and well served life. Today is the birthday of the Cuban cinematographer, Gloria Rolando’s mother, Señora Casamayor.  

Okay I promise not to get into a long a drawn out story, like you know that I tend to do, but when I was graciously introduced in December to Señora Casamayor, I was awestruck and speechless by her resemblance to my late and always cherished mother-in-law, Ms. Desrita.

Of course I should have not been surprised, because as I have walked the streets of Havana, I have seen the faces of every one of my relatives and so many of my friends. Cool Papa’s twin, Josephine’s aunt, Cindy’s daughter and even Matt’s girl cousin from Italy! Shoot last weekend at Feria del Libro, a man walked up to me with a great big smile as he was just chatting away. Well needless to say, he was shocked and mildly embarrassed when he realized that despite mi tez, forma, y sonrisa, that I was not his sister’s friend. No doubt my espanol was way too muy mal to be any friend of his sister’s. So in my best broken Spanish, I assured him that there was no harm, no foul, because as we like to say in the Diaspora, “same ship, different stop.”

Nevertheless I was overjoyed to meet Señora Casamayor and to see Ms. Desrita’s face in the flesh once again. I do not know about you but I love to see the familiar faces of loved ones on my journeys through this life. Plus the fact that like only a elder lady can do, Señora Casamayor complimented and blessed me with her warmth, kindness and old school charm.

When I grow up I want to be as fine and well loved as her!!! Oh yes, thoroughly blessed am I to be able to have made her acquaintance and yet again to be in the presence of her and her lovely family, on this glorious day in February.

So although my signal is still too weak to add a photo, today’s post is dedicated to  Señora Casamayor, Feliz Cumpleanos!