Reflections – Day 1 & 2

February 25th, 2012 by admin Categories: Cuba Mobile Random No Responses

I love Cuba because it forces me to be my best self!

Do you remember the first time that you saw the Apple iPad? Well, this is what is happening here, between La Guia Historiadora y Juana Negra. We both work in the same business, so we exchanged contacts back in May and have stayed in touch ever since.

On Days 1 & 2 we made our way from point to point, which took us all around Havana. During those first 36 hours, mi hermana did everything possible to make sure that I knew which casa particular to stay in, how to get to school, where to get wifi access, the way to secure a local mobile number and whether walking or riding, in Vedado, Centro or Havana Vieja, what and where the best routes were to get across town economically, quickly and safely. 

A lot was accomplished and with everything that I needed, we parted our ways and my solo journey began.

Mis saludos para tí mi hermana, you have made sure that everything is ready, I salute you!

Peace & Blessings