“1912: Breaking the Silence” HIFF – Update

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Antonio Maceo

Antonio Maceo
Do you know Maceo? You know it…sure you do.

Atlanta, GA, Sunday night , 3/3/13

Last week was such a pivotal week for us. The Herstory Independent Film Festival begins in less than three weeks. “1912:Voces para un Silencio/1912:Breaking the Silence” is coming to ATLANTA! Check out the movie  trailer.

The main events are scheduled, final details are confirmed, and we have met with all of the committees that are crucial to the plan, yes less than three weeks, time is the taskmaster, she barrels along and continues to move at a furious pace. Keep up, Keep Up, KEEP UP!!

I just spoke with my mother and it is official that she will be coming to spend sometime in attendance on Sapelo Island, to participate in Herstory Independent Film Festival. Tomorrow is Monday and this week we will learn who will decide to join the retreat. OMG are we excited. Nearly sold out, everyone who is going is stoked about the chance to spend time at the water and the prospect of visiting Diaspora history treasures, found only on the Saltwater Geechee Island of Sapelo.  Lord Jesus, Mother of God, give thanks, great thanks…Everybody wants time for that! 

Right after I finished talking with Mommy, I kept the momentum flowing and called Gloria Rolando in Havana, to check in with her and give her a rundown of what is going on here in Atlanta. Yeah, we talked too long. But oh my goodness, with my quickly spoken english and broken-up spanish, we joyously chatted along for over thirty minutes. Talking away as if we were only one county over versus the reality of our ocean wide separation. Yet hey, it was worth every single cent and it was so much cheaper than an airline ticket. 

I tell you, she blew me away with News that she will be traveling to Los Angeles (March 6 – March 11) New York (March 12-15) as a part of a four women delegation representing Cuban women in film. I believe a Ministry of Cultural sponsored event. You know diplomacy through the arts, very nice. And so on Thursday, March 7, 2013 Ms. Rolando discusses her film “The Jazz in Us” at Brooks Institute, Ventura CA and Friday, March 8, 2013 she will be at the Egyptian Theater, in Hollywood, CA. In New York the schedule includes a visit to NYU, and more screenings, both Uptown and in the Village; all before coming to Atlanta to premiere the trilogy, “1912:Voces para un Silencio/1912:Breaking the Silence”.  Then after Atlanta and Sapelo, Ms. Rolando will travel back to the west coast to the Bay Area to visit and screen ‘1912:’ at Stanford University April 10 – 14, 2013.   

Yes!  Our idea to bring the “1912” film to Atlanta to introduce the “Scholarship Fund”  has really shaped up into an active multi city tour of the U.S.  My goodness, Public history programming has never been more exciting!!