In spite of it all, Spirit keeps us human.

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Atlanta, GA, Monday morning, 3/4/13

Today’s daily OM, analyzes the meaning of kindness.This message offers charmed reminders and much appreciated affirmation that describes many Cinnamon Traveler encounters that were experienced this past weekend. Person after person, every step along way, in spite of it all, Spirit keeps us human and provides the enjoyment, entertainment and much needed respite from the roughness of the world, —a place to catch our breath under the protection of a guiding light. Be honorable, be productive, be well.

March 4, 2013
A Guiding LightDaily OM

The compassion you see in others’ choices can move you profoundly today, inspiring you to be similarly selfless while tending to your own affairs. As you watch loved ones and colleagues sharing their resources with individuals in need and devoting their energy toward philanthropic pursuits, you may ask yourself how effective their actions can possibly be when suffering is such a widespread condition. But if you continue to observe their kindness today, you will likely discover that it not only makes a difference in the lives of select people, but also furthers the cause of humanitarianism as a whole. You will likely be guided toward opportunities to do good works today by watching those who are already involved.

The selfless acts of kindness and compassion performed by others can become the inspiration that moves us to take up the cause of charity. If we are diligent and serious in our observation of the small- and large-scale philanthropy we see unfolding around us, we can observe what garners positive results and what doesn’t, thereby refining our own humanitarian efforts. We are more prone to help people in need when we have both seen others’ bountiful endeavors met with success and have taken pleasure in watching the gratitude unfold of those lifted up into the light. We need never doubt that we, as individuals, can make a difference because we are following in the footsteps of a guiding light. You will likely be moved to act today as you observe people in the various areas of your life working to make the world a better place.