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JULY 20, 2013, 6:30 pm

Atlanta GA 

Dear Friends,

Best greetings and may this communique arrive with good vibrations. Thank the Universe we are doing well in this neck of the woods. Good news is coming out of Cuba since our friend Gloria Rolando’s last trip to the U.S.  


As you know, in early April the Carter family, Beyonce and JayZ, had the chance to visit Cuba for the first time, as part of the celebration of their fifth wedding anniversary. No doubt to the chagrin of many, especially based on the photographs showing the local guides accompanying the group, their trip was an educational and informative excursion. Their tour highlighted multiple aspects of Cuban society with special emphasis on medical advancements, art, culture and the presence of eclectic architectural resources. Like many of us who have visited the Island recently, the Carters seemed to thoroughly appreciate the opportunity to spent time in Cuba. 

In May the cultural powerhouse Casa de las Americas hosted, Coloquio Internacional La Diversidad Cultural en La Caribe. The conference was a week long series of events, relevant to the Caribbean experience.


On Wednesday night May 22, 2013 at 7:30 in the Sala Che Guevara, the programming included a panel discussion with filmmaker Gloria Rolando, Eduardo Torres Cuevas (Presidente de la Academia de la Historia de Cuba), facilitated by Yolanda Wood. The focus was on the significance of African influences in Cuban history. The discussion and a musical prelude ushered the premiere screening of, “1912: Voces para un Silencio”, Capitulo 3, to the large Havana audience. 


As the director of the Herstory Independent Film Festival, it was a pleasure to have had many chances to see screenings when Gloria brought the film to Atlanta. Yet seeing the Spanish version of the film in Cuba, was a wonderful chance to witness and experience the Havana audience responses, as they thoroughly appreciated the opportunity to  see the film.  


Since the premiere of the latest chapter of “1912: Breaking the Silence” screening in May, a lot of positive press and insightful dialogue has been initiated. The release of “1912: Voces para un Silencio” has provided a gift for the community to reintroduce, learn and discuss the significance of the Independent Party of Color in Cuban, American and Atlantic World history.

Following along with the same good vibrations, We have planned a great itinerary for December 2013! What we have organized specifically is a comfortable, fun and informative tour of Cuba, which has been positively influenced by our previous trips. Past experiences traveling to the Island have taught us that all tours are not created equally. So with this awareness in mind, we are pleased that the package and arrangements, will provide a enlightening and fulfilling experience for both the first time and the return visitor alike. 


This excursion includes time spent in Havana, Gold Star Pass to the Havana Jazz Festival, Deluxe hotel accommodations, Air conditioned luxury motor coach transportation to Las Terrazas, Viñales, Cienfuegos, Trinidad de Cuba and Santa Clara, from December 11 – 23, 2013.  Bonus time has been planned with Gloria Rolando as a field guide. In addition to learning about current Imagenes del Caribe film projects, we will enjoy the benefits of special arrangements and cultural exposure have been designed by the renowned Afro Cuban filmmaker. Complimenting the above outline are daily visits to cultural venues of interest and the galleries of Choco, Fuster and other exciting Cuban artisans and musicians!  


Click here to see the itinerary and for further details.

For additional information, please contact Grace Lynis at 404.915.6701 or 

We are really excited about going to Cuba.


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