October 18, 2013

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The Measure: Full Moon Aires
Feeling energized and reflective, all @the same time.
Energized reflection nourishes my spirit and pleases my soul.
In celebration I decided to crack the first jar of home canned organic S.C. peaches, that we preserved from this summer. It was a general plan to save a few 2013 peaches that turned into a really cool late night family bonding canning project. That night I learned so much from the chefs-in-residence. It was a fabulous experience. We juiced the peels instead of using a sugar based simple syrup, and used home garden grown stevia as the sweetener. Naturally whole Cinnamon sticks flavor each jar. It was culinary immersion at its best. Such a buzz! Who knew? This was my first time canning, and this is the very first taste. #joy #sunshineinajar #earthblessing #locallygrown #Sublime


The Measure: October 18, 2013, First time, First taste