October 21, 2013

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The Measure: Paid Forward 

Our comforts today are the direct result of the ancestral discomforts that were endured yesterday. Trust. “12 Years a Slave”#rough #real #necessary #shook


The Measure: October 21, 2013Paid Forward#Trust

The Measure: October 21, 2013
Paid Forward


A strong film. Not vulgar or wretched like QT’s interpretation of bondage. Instead in “12 Years a Slave” filmmaker Steven McQueen employs expert direction with liberal measures of integrity, character development, reality, dignity.  When I heard that this film was screening locally, I insisted that we view it as a family. Although it was hard for me, sitting in a dark movie house with a lot of strangers is not my idea of fun. But as I reminded myself, this date was not about me. So despite the harshness and reality of American bondage, I loved this film and appreciated seeing it. The bonded people, most were Africans, were portrayed with humanity. If the character had dialogue, it was used to illustrate their humanity and explore their individual consciousness. How they felt about the situation and their own interpretation of the circumstances, boundaries, borders and hardships that fiercely gripped their lives in the rigidity of extreme servitude. 

Perhaps as a result of the expert depiction in “12 Years a Slave” I actually made it rather far into the film before what was happening onscreen commanded that I hold down a seat in the lobby for the last 15 or so minutes until the end. No I did not need to see the finish, Lord knows I did not need to bare witness any further.

 The takeaways:

  • Many of the scenes in the film explain and inform our 21st century African Diaspora community experience(s). More comments, but not here.
  • Everyone should see this film. Yes everyone if you live and breathe. You will feel better about yourself afterward.
  • The rest of my family took the full dose of “12 Years a Slave” especially Our Young Man. Mission accomplished.
  • Professionally– it was a visceral learning experience. 
  • Spiritually– I am glad that I weathered the exposure. 
  • When you know better you do better. Learn so that you will know. 
  • That is all that I am going to say. 



People can see gomovies online at this website. No doubt about it