November 25, 2013

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The Measure: Rejoice for the insight rendered from the aha moment.
Everyone talks trash, on a daily about Le Africana. In the public media and in private conversations, (wink) you know what I am talking about. Yet out the side of their elbows everyone on a daily, be checking for a sister. Looking to her for sustenance, intelligence, style, assistance, the essence of beauty and of course to attack with whatever misogynistic projectile that is convenient and readily available. Yes, in the public media and in private conversations, (sigh) of course, I know that you know exactly what I am talking about. 

Naturally since I am writing about this today, I acknowledge being confronted by this topic, on a daily. Fortunately though, today I have come to the following realization.
So no matter the place of activity or degree of action, I know that how you really feel about ME, and my sister Africanas, on a daily, is merely the true reflection of how you feel about yourself. Yeah how you feel about yourself, really deep down on the inside. Hence, every hurt you wield at her, you do to yourself. Think of it like a debit in your favor bank. Conversely, every kindness you extend to her, you do to yourself, which can be thought of as a credit in your favor bank. The value added beauty of karma capitalism is that it is applicable to all. Me, You, Everybody and karma capitalism currency is based on how we treat ourselves, our sisters, friends, daughters, mothers, wives, aunts, grandmothers and especially Ms. Random Black Jane Q Public. Yep, it starts with you. Relationships matter. Recognize your value.

#Brilliance shines.

The Measure: November 25, 2013, Rejoice for the illumination of the aha moment. #Karma

The Measure: November 25, 2013,
Rejoice for the illumination of the aha moment, Brilliance shines.