November 26, 2013

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11/26/13, 12:43 am: Weather, Cleansing Rain.
The Measure: My parents are in town! From the looks of things thus far, the Down South crew is ecstatic. We are four households, everyone gets involved and throughout the week everyone takes a turn with, the SouthFulton posse holding down the headquarters. No doubt we are really excited.
To my chagrin though, draped in my shutterbug identity, so many of my life’s most memorable and precious moments, yes those moments that resonate deep down inside, have not been captured by my camera. Instead it seems that they are measured and treasured because of the clarity of my memory. Feelings in my heart. Interesting how memory works. Forever etched as a brightness of light on the visual plane, brilliance locked into the ethers, recalled over time as a memory. You know what I mean? Fodder for old age. Idk.

Like today, after dinner we hurried over to the SouthFulton hangout for a free 2 hours of family debauchery and dominos. The rise and fly dominos game on the dining room table, the back of my mother’s and my eldest’s heads joined together on the couch, engaged in what looked like the most scrumptious and nourishing of conversations. Hours later as I savor the flashbacks of the images in my mind’s eye, my alter ego/photographer/gaze manager, realizes that I did not even think to take any pictures.
This always happens when I am enthralled. Spirit takes the lead, free fall.  Surrendering to the tide of the moment.