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The Measure: It’s December, the season has begun and travel is prominent in the forecast.  The time has come and the research adventure begins, today we embark on the journey. With the blessings of the Universe next Thursday along with the other Travel Explorer Jazz Lovers, we will be at the Havana International Jazz Festival. With that we pray and I will remember the protective embrace of a Supreme Georgia Adventurer, Ms. Alice Walker.


The Measure: December 10, 2013
Blessed to be in the company of Family.
Greeting Alice Walker at Atlanta screening of “Beauty in Truth”
Arms extended, moving in to get a Love hug.
#Family #GoodtoseeYou!

These pictures were taken by a family member, at the Atlanta screening of “Beauty in Truth a film by Pratibha Parmar, in November 2013.  See the other cameras? It was a really special moment. 

Heading for the Road:   We have been making plans for over a year to conduct this field study research project and give thanks as we strive to learn and represent our kind in a brilliant light. Our itinerary includes visits to Havana, LasTerrazas, Pinar del Rio, Viñales, Cienfuegos, Trinidad, Santa Clara, Playa Giron and while in attendance at the Havana International Jazz Festival, we will observe the best in international music being offered in public spaces.

Off the Grid and South of the Border. As we prepare for the journey ahead we gather emblems, photographs and words of wisdom as tokens of good fortune.

Here are a few links that provide useful interpretations of the present astrological indicators that we will be keeping in mind as we approach the holiday travel season.

Mars in Libra 12/7/13 – 7/24/14 Striving to make the most of this transit.

Venus in Capricorn 12/21/13 – 1/31/14 Beauty and Money with saturn influences, wisdom suggest that we all pay attention!

The Astrology for December 2013 for Everyone – The Threshold

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