January 19, 2014

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The Measure: January 19, 2014
We saw our Favorite Girl Today. Yes. We trekked up the road, due North.
She asked me what colors I wanted and of course I told her everything except Pink.
She said not to worry because she did not have Pink.
I heard the motor, then went into the room to see the process
Soon after I shared with her the secret of fabricating PINK.
Yes mixing a drop of Red into White makes Mild-red, aka PINK
I turned her on to the Dreidel, Seed necklaces, Real, CUC and Black Mother Goose.
Told her it was a travel kit –when on the road every woman should have
Something to play with, something nice to wear, $$ to spend and something entertaining to read.
She loved that everything was different. Her words, not mine!
When she saw Black Mother Goose she said, “Black Mother Goose, Oh Folktales”
I Love My Young Woman, our blessed Girl Child.
Oh Baby, Sugar says Thanks.