April 26, 2014 – Saturday

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The Measure: April 26, 2014 – We Love Orishas
“This far by faith” – Mama Stephanie Weaver, Omo Obatåla, Scholar, Founder of Ile Asé

Learning From The Source

Give Thanks. On Saturday April 26, 2014, members of the Atlanta Yoruba Lucumi Fellowship presented, “Baba Asho FunFun Upon The Mountain”  a panel discussion on Obatala – The Principal Orisha (Deity) in Yoruba Religious traditions, practices, and beliefs. Panelist were Iyalorisa Stephanie Weaver, Iyalorisa Oseye Mchawi, Babalorisa Reginald Brown, Iyalorisa Kokahvah Zauditu-Selassie. What an honor it was to have them here in our presence. Not on the telephone or online, but here, in the flesh, in Atlanta!

Knowledge passed and etched into the ethers through the spoken word. It was such a meaningful experience to have this opportunity to listen, hear, feel, –the words of my elders, in my church community. Talking about the provenance and validity of what we believe. Addressing the significance of cultural lineage and the importance of maintaining the practices of this ancient Afrikan theology system in balance and relevant with the requirements of our 21st century lifestyles.  Behold, the continuity, majesty and vibrance of Lucumi here in at home, down deep in the Southland, Atlanta, Georgia. I salute!

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