May 11, 2014

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Dearest Sister Sojourner ~ Peace and Blessings

With a smile, I send to you the very best of wishes, on this second Sunday in May. Recently I learned that Mothers Day celebrations derive from an anti-war protest, organized by mothers in objection of their sons’ military draft. I have not verified this, but it is probable and makes reasonable sense. More importantly this definition comforts me and is far better than the killjoy Hallmark story that is frequently circulated. I would like to believe that perhaps if Mothers did rule the world, there would be fewer wars.


The Measure: May 11, 2014 #Safeguard #Protection

The Measure: May 11, 2014
Selfie to take care of ourselves
#Safeguard #Protection

As we celebrate a much commercialized occasion, it is important for me to recognize all of my gender soul mates, particularly you. Mothering is about honor, kindness, guidance, pleasure as displayed by Woman and then it extends to the broader confines of gestation and birth. Unfortunately they are not always mutually exclusive.

Wax and wane, another time, another place, or as Grandma said “cum si cum sa”.

So my Sister Friend, at one time or another, your positive deeds or collective action has helped to straighten out the bent wings of this driven warrior. For that I am ever grateful, give thanks.

I Honor the Mother in You ~ Joyous Mothers Day.