July 23, 2014

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Escapism – diverted but not distracted. 

Along with all the other preparations and necessities that require my attention before getting in the wind, good fortune was on my side, as I was able to attend the play, “Same Time Next Year” with Ms. Phylicia Rashad and Kenny Leon. Don’t you love it, Summer Stock in Atlanta!

At first I was pre-consumed with everything else, but after a few minutes, I realized that this was my time to relax, relate, release and revel in the joy of a neighborhood matinee experience. Give thanks for the greatness of live theatre. 


The Measure: July 23, 2014
Kenny Leon. Speaking about why he co-founded the company “True Colors Theatre”


The Measure: July 23, 2014
Ms. Phylicia Rashad, breaking it down.
#Honest #Gracious


The Measure: July 23, 2014
Ms. Phylicia Rashad breaking it down.
Speaking truth to power.