Herstory Indy Film Fest 2014 – Press Release

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PRESS RELEASE: October 23, 2014
Email: HIFF@cinnamontraveler.org
Telephone: 404.915.6701


Cinnamon Traveler Heritage Trust is pleased to announce the return of award winning AfroCuban filmmaker Gloria Rolando to Atlanta Georgia.

“Reembarque/Reshipment”  Screening and Discussion




Join us for a day of public programming at two events in Atlanta Georgia on Friday, November 14, 2014.



Herstory Independent Film Festival 

Gloria Rolando “Reembarque/Reshipment” 

Friday, November 14, 2014 

12:00pm – 3:00pm

Southwest Arts Center, Black Box Theatre

915 New Hope Road, Atlanta, GA 30331 

Tickets $25.00 – HIFF@www.cinnamontraveler.org  

Eventbrite - Herstory Independent Film Festival Benefit Luncheon, presents Gloria Rolando film screening, Reembarque !!


Herstory Independent Film Festival

Gloria Rolando “Reembarque/Reshipment”

Friday, November 14, 2014 

7:00pm – 9:00 pm

Auburn Avenue Research Library at Hammond House 

503 Peeples Street, Atlanta, GA 30310


In the film Reembarque/Reshipment, Ms. Rolando expertly uses the voices of prominent historians combined with the memories of Haitians and their descendants in Cuba, to address the Haitian experience and its influences on Cuban cultural history in the 20th century.

Vivid landscapes compliment what has become her signature style of cinematography, where Ms. Rolando offers audiences the chance to understand the dynamics of cross national economic policies and the shared social history of post colonial Caribbean nations. 


Cuban Filmmaker Gloria Rolando, On location in Haiti, shooting the 2014 film, "Reembarque/Reshipment"

Cuban Filmmaker Gloria Rolando,
On location in Haiti, shooting the 2014 film, “Reembarque/Reshipment”


About the Director

Executive Producer, Director and founding member of the film collective, Imágenes del Caribe, Gloria Rolando is very much interested in the human condition. Following in the pathway led by filmmaker Sara Gomez, Afro-Cuban filmmaker Gloria Rolando has worked with the Cuban National Film Institute throughout her professional career. 

Reembarque/Reshipment:  is Gloria Rolando’s twelfth film, 58 minutes in length, it is directed in Spanish with English subtitles. Reembarque is also available in Spanish with French subtitles.  Ms. Rolando’s films include My Footsteps in Baragua; Oggun: An External Presence; Eyes of the Rainbow and 1912, Breaking the Silence. Ms. Rolando’s practice exemplifies the independent filmmaking spirit: “None of my projects has had a budget: they begin with a borrowed camera, or a little money to rent equipment, but always with a clear idea of the story I want to tell.” With courage, wisdom and precise attention to details, Ms. Rolando’s films explore the universal themes of migration, family, and community, to connect, acknowledge and celebrate the African Diaspora experience in the Americas. To learn more about Ms. Rolando visit,  AfroCubaWeb.com.


About the Herstory Independent Film Festival 2014

Cinnamon Traveler Heritage Trust, is pleased to organize the annual Herstory Independent Film Festival to benefit the Mildred Grant Skillman Herstory Educational Scholarship Fund Inc. 

Join us to welcome to Atlanta again, AfroCuban Filmmaker, Gloria Rolando and Imagenes del Caribe at the screening of the 2014 film, “Reembarque/Reshipment” Friday, November 14, 2014. For more information, email HIFF@cinnamontraveler.org, attention Grace Lynis.