Boycott the Holiday $pending $eason

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Adult Content– HOLD THE BOYCOTT. 

The Measure: November 28, 2014 – Boycott the Holiday $pending $eason 2014.

This household made it through Blackout Black Friday. It was a success. We did not spend one red cent, did not use one drop of gasoline. Not even for that much wanted, five mile grape run. NO VINO!??!!!!…

Seriously, what does a boycott look like for a wanna be rainmaker, over anxious American consumer? Let’s talk about it. 

From the GO —Yes other Americans are welcome and encouraged to show solidarity, by continuing to Boycott Holiday $pending $eason 2014.  Join us. 

To effect lasting change, societal solidarity would be gravy. Everyone loves gravy.

White people that means you too. No offense, just keeping it real.

Considering that beyond the obvious –No shopping for Holiday season 2014, my next thought is then, –No restaurant eating at random corporate chains or convenient kracker establishments. No offense, just keeping it real.  My dollar$ have power. New rule, spend money only with businesses on my side. Better yet,

Eat food that you cook at home. But if we must eat in the WORLD, plan ahead.

A Boycott is a mission. It takes discipline, organization, precision, U.N.I.T.Y.  Boycott requires the that we fully embrace the commitment to move through the WORLD with deliberate intention.

If it is an establishment that is NOT Black Brown Orange Beige centric, then Yes staying in for home cooked meals is how I will be going. Even/especially in the month of December.

A deal is a deal. This will just require designing thought and good planning.

  • For instance, pick a gasoline outlet that pays fair wages. QuickTrip apparently pays the associates minimum $15.00 per hour.  I heard Costco employees also earn fair wages.  
  • Attempt to make choices that benefit labor versus management.
  • Of course Wal Mart, Burger King, Mickey Ds, Chik Fil A and other price gorging fast food chains and multi billion dollar conglomerates do not deserve your money.
  • If the above listed offenders are NOT your only source of nourishment, HOLD THE BOYCOTT.

National Boycott, 2.0

With success, this can be applied after the new freshman gang returns to Washington DC., when Congress resumes in January 2015. Let’s be clear, lobbyist and Congress create the laws and legislative practices that squeeze the masses. Make the bastards work for you.  Hold back your dollar$ and us them only for your lifestyle necessities. Expect lifestyle improvements with the change in your discretionary income spending habits.  

Avoid at all cost, spending money with corporations that regularly exploit the needs of labor workers at home in the U.S. and labor workers abroad.

Google all of the corporations where you spend your money and understand how your money moves around the globe, then adjust your spending habits accordingly.  

Boycott requires discipline, be kind to yourself, one step and then the next. Momentum is built, one day at a time. 

Remember the Montgomery Alabama Bus Boycott? Used effectively, boycotts are a powerful strategy to affect systemic change. 

 Again one step and then the next. 

  • Part One —Boycott the Holiday $pending $eason 2014. 
  • Part Two —Boycott January When Congress Resumes. Part two could easily last through February and escalate accordingly. Except for people celebrating a February 14th birthday, no one is trying to hear about the exchange of Valentines Day gifts. It is not about love, Valentines Day is all about commercialism. #recognize
  • Boycott Part Three —Boycott Cable TV for March Madness.  Why not raise the stakes even higher? African Diaspora men, you are America’s best sporting team supporters. Boycott cable television? Yes really. The African American marketshare is a huge revenue base. Booku Money. Right this minute, calculate the amount of money per household subtracted from cable television for the month of March and multiple that factor accordingly. It’s Mathematics. 
  • Yes, March 2015. Boycott Cable TV for March Madness. Keep your money Black Men. Demonstrate against taking it on the chin, let your wallets be your shield against the hazardous gaze of law enforcement.
  • Boycott premium sports channels. Leverage your consumer spending power, corporations WILL miss your dollar$.
  • There are so many possibilities.
  • Yes your dollar$ are the power tool of choice. Let us continue.
  • Boycott Part Four —Boycott Easter $eason 2015  for Climate Change. 
  • Part Five —Boycott Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Graduation, Prom Hoopla! for Climate Change. 

Why the hell not? It is all commercialism. Land of the free, home of the brave, where dollar$ are your most effective power tool of choice. Climate Change issues are real, as we live on One Earth.


Anyway back HOME in the Here and Now, on the evening of November 28, 2014 —Blackout Black Friday.  Compelled by the indignity of the current situation, this is a superb time for the rebranding of that God awful term, Black Friday! 

Years ago, back in the day when my life was comfortable and I was not required to be insulted. While at a temp assignment interview,  I told this chippy young Becky, what I thought about the use of Black Friday (?? many explanations). Then I expounded on my feelings about Black Cloud (dark cloud), Black Ice (ice), the accounting term, In the Black. Yes, I went there! It was Camp Bizarro.

The whole scene reminded me of the Goodie Mobb,”Soul Food” lyric: “Only to make matters worse, because I am getting pimped by this chimp in a jacket from Optima Staffing, laughing. Shut up clown! Don’t talk to me that way! Looking at me like I’m stupid, of course. Living day by day, you ain’t hard trick, what the hell you say!”

So Boycott the Mother Fuckers! That’s right all that the lobbyist, congress and the corporate mega monopolies are looking to do for you is to fuck you. The same for your mother and our Mother Earth.  

Plain and simple. HOLD THE BOYCOTT 

Boycott Holiday $pending $eason 2014.

At all cost, avoid excess consumerism, xmas commercialism, and unnecessary $pending.  

Boycott Holiday $pending $eason 2014 offers another opportunity for protestYES abandon the time honored tradition, decorative holiday light$ for the house and yard. 

The Measure: November 28, 2014. Boycott decorative holiday lighting. Abandon wasteful electrical usage.  No Georgia Power does not deserve any of your discretionary dollar$ Protest quietly, avoid the expense of artificial lights.

The Measure: November 28, 2014.
Boycott Holiday $pending $eason 2014.
Abandon wasteful electrical usage.
Boycott decorative holiday lighting.
Georgia Power certainly does not deserve any of your discretionary income dollar$
Protest quietly, avoid the expense of artificial lights.




Honestly, doesn’t Georgia Power and the X$KKK Power Company have a historical legacy, which implicates that said corporation, does not need ANY of your Discretionary Money?

Needing proof, well read one account that documents the death of Veteran, Walter Lee Johnson on September 29, 1946, and the subsequent acquittal of his murderer in the article, “Georgia Power Motorman Freed in Negro Slaying,” Atlanta Daily World, October 17, 1946. The Johnson case and other instances of American terrorism and deputized civilian practices, are further cited in the essay titled Servicemen Slain on Streetcars by Motormen with Guns: A Legal History and Analysis of the Killings of Veterans Walter Lee Johnson and Madison Harris, by Alex Cherup, Northeastern University School of Law ‘14, Summer 2014 Civil Rights and Restorative Justice Clinic.

I have no doubt that in 2014, the families who benefited from Georgia Power revenues in 1946, are still enjoying comfortable dividends from granddaddy’s investment portfolio.


At the end of the day it’s about conserving your family resources. It is as simple as that.

Imagine…the Secret Indulgence in Food Markets becomes the latest “it” Black People thing, that you will ONLY hope to one day understand?  **** Hugs & Kisses!

What did the people say, SPEND NOT ONE RED CENT!  Boycott Holiday $pending $eason 2014. 

HOLD THE BOYCOTT  Today, we honor the memory of ‪#‎MikeBrown‬, who senselessly lost his life, but inspired millions to fight for justice.


#The Struggle Continues




  1. Edward says:

    We are supporting your ideas about boycott.
    Edward, Cheryl, Shirlene and Brenda.
    December 12, 2014