September 20, 2015 Dispatch

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Symbolism is everywhere.

The Measure: September 20, 2015 Havana, Tampa, Atlanta #Connections

The Measure: September 20, 2015
Havana, Tampa, Atlanta

Just returned from a week in Havana. Had the chance to continue my research, enjoy a few sea baths, visit Soroa and catch up with myself before the start of a new season. This morning I woke up in the same space as the Pope. Who would have guessed it? He was doing his thing and I was doing mine.

Since Saturday traffic was snarled and the Wifi signals were at best snarly and slow, then after awhile barely available at all. On Saturday night no rum was sold and the nightclub La Fabrica was closed, all in reverence to “Big Papa” who arrived at 4 o’clock on Saturday afternoon.  

Leaving from Havana Vieja to the airport this morning, only backroads were available. Security checkpoints covered every roadway, footpath, and bridge leading to the scheduled Mass at 10 o’clock Sunday morning on the Square of the Revolution .

Last night on local television, we watched Raul and Papa address the world on the gussied up tarmac at Jose Marti International Airport Terminal 3. Everyone listened closely to the televised broadcast in Dona Olga’s salon. 


The Measure: September 20, 2015 Symbolism Between dream and reality. #connection

The Measure: September 20, 2015
Between dream and reality.

Afterward, I dreamt of Eleta, she spoke to me, I heard her voice. It appeared that we were in a hospital nursery and always suave Eleta steps aside to  reveal a transparent tub with water and 2 then 4 beautiful brown blessings, comfortably breathing under water. I am floor, Amazed!

It has been 10 years since we last met.

Lovely and melancholy surprise, thank you for visiting me in my dream, the miracle of water birth.

This dream and this trip –incredibly inspired.

Water Babies by Miles Davis 

Gloria and the family are fine, working hard with the production of the new Imagenes del Caribe film, “Mi Abuela”.

On Friday night after a long week of filming, while on my way home I stopped by Obispo to get news about last week’s production progress. Also had the chance to see a daily trailer of one of scene featuring the band Vocal Balboa. Beautiful costume designs and vibrant action, as expected Afro Cuban film maker Gloria Rolando is preparing a new film to offer more insight into the African Diaspora experience and the role of women in history and the world.

Yulia says, This is Life.


The Measure: September 20, 2015 Abundance. Yemaya #connection

The Measure: September 20, 2015
Crossing the water