African Family in the Western Hemisphere

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La Habana, CUBA


Bella. The Beautiful People. Embrace.

So many people, They were just Black.

There were no two ways about it.

No cop to Indio, or the unknown Euro.

Just Black.

They, We, Us are African, Black. 

Think, Plan, Dance, Love, Cry, Rest, Sing, Eat, Move, Create, Pray, Breath, Live Life Black.

Just Black is Just.

Ordinary, normal, justice, Justified, Baseline, Fundamental, JUST BLACK.


Sun Power.


Bella. The Beautiful People #Family

Bella. The Beautiful People


Culinary Culture and Cuisine Project, IBF Series – After Party.

February 20, 2016, Pavilion A-5.

25th Feria del Libro de La Habana February 11 -21, 2016