May 24, 2016

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It’s happening! Finally fulfilling a date with destiny.

On the wagon and off the grid. Next stop the continent of Eurasia then finally on to the Motherland.

Yes we arrive in Douala on African Liberation Day. How about that!! I bet the organizers planned it this way.

Not sure of what to expect. My guess is that everything will be new, and yet familiar. Of course I have been wanting to see what it will feel like when I step my feet onto the continent of Africa for the first time, in what has been a very long time. Centuries actually.

For many generations my ancestors have always thought of Africa. Yet we were only able to see her in the mirror, or along a lovers back, or upon a child’s face.

Well my friends the Universe willing, I will soon smell, hear, see and taste her essence for myself.

Africa has always been inside of me.  Now I will be inside of Africa.