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The Measure:

Douala Cameroun

A limited introduction to the local architecture.

Dika Akwa Palace.

Built in 1985 by legal anthropologist, Prince Dika Akwa nya Bonambela (1933 – 1995).















The landscape is vast.

Cameroun is filled with opportunities to fully explore the boundaries of your photo lens.

Looking for the next time when we can do it together.

Africa, I have seen her, she is beautiful.

Next Advance: Fall 2016, Douala and Kribi.


  1. Tétè Mandjombè The second says:

    Mystical and mythical Palace !
    Thanks for sharing this treasure.
    Htp !

  2. w. joye hardiman says:

    more details please about the doors with the Kemetic symbols-

  3. admin says:

    Thank you for your comment, Joye. Our local expert familiar with the Dika Akwa Palace has kindly provided the following response for the second door.
    “The Kemetic symbolism on the doors are a replica of a well known papyrus that speaks about the Sesostris the first aka Kheper Ka Re.
    The meaning is as follows:
    Kheper is the sun when it is rising.
    Ka is the the Energy.
    Re is when it is at its Zenith.
    The wood carving on the door is used as a descriptive signifier, to acknowledge and recognize the presence of Kemetic ancestral lineage in Douala Cameroun.” – Tété Mandjombé II.

  4. joye says:

    Thank you for that information. Could you tell me in what other ways did they acknowledge and recognize Kemetic ancestral lineage. Are there any other artifacts, stories or text written about
    the Kemetic /Cameroonian connection. Do all tribes connect or are their specific ones? Eagerly awaiting your reply. asante sana.

  5. admin says:

    Great questions Joye! Answers will be posted at the end of the fall semester. Peace and blessings, Alafia.