It’s Happening – CUBA Live!

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Cienfuegos Lighthouse, Summer 2016.

The Measure: Heading Back to The Source.

A few months ago one of my sister’s playmates from childhood, called me out of the blue to say that she wanted to experience a point and shoot adventure in Cuba. Shocked, I asked her straight up, you mean you want to go with me to Cuba, to stand in the street and take photographs? You have a deal!!!

Our most interesting guests approach us with special requests. We love doing special.

Thus far we have done, Feria del Libro, Festival Jazz Plaza, African American Artists and Abstraction, Cuban Architecture, surprise birthdays, permaculture, freestyle, and for this second time, point and shoot. Not to mention all the cool events coming up in 2017.

Social capital greases the wheels, making sure that we have an excellent time along the way.


The Jazz Dancers – Festival Jazz Plaza 2015.


So here we are now. A couple of us will go over first.

A few days later our Travelfriend will join us.

Then when the team is complete, we will set off on our triangular road trip, to point and shoot all things Cuban.

Faces, sights, sounds, smells, tastes and of course we will touch most everything.

Over the past few weeks the excitement has been so high, that I have often wanted to scream.

Who knows, perhaps instead there will simply be quiet tears upon arrival.

Meantime we have plans and the image of the Cristal Girl will have to hold me until I make contact with the sand.

The Cristal Girl is from my very first visit, she has magic and sends all of us Love, Peace and palm grease.


Playa Ancon, Spring 2011.

Beach time soon come.


Cuba Project Schedule 

Dec. 13 – 20, 2016  –  32nd La Habana International Festival Jazz Plaza

Feb. 16 – 20, 2017  –  26th Feria del Libro International Book Fair

April 2017  –  Havana Arte – African Influences in Contemporary Art

July 2017  –  Santiago de Cuba – Fiesta del Fuego

December 2017  –  33rd La Habana International Festival Jazz Plaza

For more information and details, please email or call 404.915.6701.

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