Public Space – the internet

August 20th, 2016 by admin Categories: Cuba Cuba Monthly Excursions Destinations Field Study Research Mobile Public History Programming Random No Responses

There have been vast improvements in Internet access in Cuba since the days of dial up service in 2011.

Many may say there has not been enough change in communication service.

Within six weeks of the announcement of the diplomatic normalization process between Cuba and U.S., immediately changes were seen in price, availability and accessibility of the illusive WIFI signal.

By July summer 2015, the WIFI signal had expanded beyond the confines of hotel lobbies, to plazas and public spaces in neighborhoods around La Habana and in every Province.

Access has broadened from primarily the tourism economy to everyone with access to a prepaid ETECSA password.

Limited seating on a ledge or holding up a wall, ETECSA WIFI offers the bare minimum accommodations in exchange for relatively strong prepaid internet access.

Even sitting on the curb in the heat of August, checking for shade and the best WIFI signal, if I had the chance to set up dual residence, I would do so in a heart beat.