Dialogo con mi Abuela

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Atlanta GA: AARL – Auburn Avenue Research Library, 101 Auburn Avenue, 30303

5:00 pm Saturday September 10, 2016.

“Dialogue con mi Abuela / Conversation with my Abuela” the latest production from Cuban independent film director Gloria Rolando and Imagenes del Caribe was screened for the Atlanta community.

A beautiful and thought provoking homage to Grandmothers and grandmother energy, the film was very well received by the engaged and well dressed audience.

We were all excited to see the newest independent film from Havana Cuba on the silver screen, in the recently constructed auditorium at the AARL. The atmosphere was low key and delightful.


Centered around a 1993 cassette recorded conversation between Gloria Rolando and her Grandmother, Sra. Inocencia Armas y Abreu. Addressing the complexity of the human condition, the film vis a vis their conversation, explores the significance of class, ethnicity, complexion, social stratification, African descendent representation in public spaces, spiritual customs and historic reflections about politics in early 20th century Cuba.

Afterward the audience enjoyed an excellent conversation with Gloria. It was a very enlightening experience. Really glad that she could be in Atlanta again. More importantly this project illustrates the importance of documenting and maintaining family archives, history and customs.

Next stops are: Minneapolis, New Orleans, UC Irvine, UNC Chapel Hill.


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