Diaspora Journey Project Fall 2016

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Recently we realized that our 20th anniversary is 2018!

Now is the moment to create something significant and special to celebrate.

Earlier this year I enjoyed my virgin trip to the Motherland with a visit to The Cameroon.

Douala, Bwassalo, Bafoussam, Bandjoun, Bayangam, Yaounde, Kribi, Limbe and Bimba, it was a milestone indeed.

Since then there have been visits to Cuba, Tacoma, Seattle, Martha’s Vineyard and New York.


Over the course of these trips and many conversations, my tribe has kept me thoroughly engaged and inspired.

One especially memorable chat was with my sisterfriend Joye.

She shared with me that as travelers we do not engage in any type of retreats.

That we Sisters are forward thinkers, and therefore we travel for Advances.

The purpose of travel is for advancement.



Enlightened by this outlook, came the birth of the Diaspora Seasonal Advances 2018.

Diaspora Seasonal Advances are travel projects that explore, practice and restore African Diaspora cultural ties for Afrocentric people.

Offering intelligent, responsible African Diaspora travel in community.

We make space to enjoy culturally meaningful group travel experiences.


The 2018 Diaspora Seasonal Advance Project will happen at minimum, once per season and twice in summer.

Each Diaspora Seasonal Advance covers one region significant in African Diaspora history.

The idea is to visit fun and interesting destinations.

A few destinations where we are making plans to contribute to the conscious global vibe.

Africa – Cameroon

Caribbean – Cuba

South America – Brasil

North America – American Beach FL, Sullivan’s Island SC, Martha’s Vineyard MA.



Update with details for the 2018 Diaspora Seasonal Advances will get posted here in January 2017.

Adventurous Journeys




Ready for this next project.

Thought, care and attention to the details of this journey

Will prove a wise investment.















This is Africa.

This is Africa.