December 10, 2016

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img_0320Day 30. La Habana – Sábado.

December my birth month has begun with a bang, christened with kisses from Ocean, Rain, Sun. Kribi, Douala, Bwassalo, Douala, Paris, Miami, La Habana.

Straight up and down, the Universe says that big girls like me, get no shorts. Since none are needed, none will be given.

Which basically means that all big girls, eh all grown woman are clear about their needs, weaknesses and boundaries. Yes I be lady o.

And that lady over there, she’s my sister, so watch it, we are moving through this thing together!!

So Ms. December, off into the wild blue yonder you go. Those who care about your progress and happiness, will watch your back. As for those who do not –fuck ’em. Remember that unless you let them, they can’t touch you anyway.

Meantime queens are born in December, so carry on and proceed accordingly.