It’s Happening –CUBA Live! 2017

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The Africana Cuban Culture and Traditions Travel Project.

La Habana, Santiago de Cuba, Trinidad, Matanzas, Cienfuegos.

Conversations |Tours | Visits | Art | Food |Science | Authenticity | Variety||

Daily departures from many U.S. cities.

Information and details 404.915.6701.

Feeling good in Cuba, Join Us!




Warm Temperatures, Sun, Sand, Surf.
Shoes not required.


Feel at home in Cuba. Join Us!

Feel at home in Cuba.
Join Us!



Mountains and hills dominate the landscape.
Santiago de Cuba.

In Santiago de Cuba; you are either traveling up hill or down hill.

Compared to La Habana, Santiago is cleaner, quieter and more picturesque.

Mountains are everywhere, glimmering in the distance.

This started as a video, then accidentally the slo-mo setting was activated.

Pardon the change in pace.

Slo-mo is only fun when we are doing the business 😉






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