Good Morning Douala

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New day: Good Morning Douala. Week 1. Every morning starts first with the crowing of Rooster. Then followed by Bird songs, which are followed on week days by the sounds of school children playing all manner of tag games before the beginning of classes. For the past week I have only heard this trio of sounds from the comfort of the bed.

However today, I was up early at the desk, studying and writing and to my surprise the children’s sounds were first heard before 6:30. Wow! I did not realize until today that they were doing their thing so early in the morning. Ready for my first break, I came to the balcony to observe the morning recess exercises in action. My goodness, they made me tired just watching them. It is no wonder that they arrive to school and can conform to the rigors of the classroom. Their little butts are probably exhausted and glad to finally sit down to receive instructions. These children ran, jumped, screamed and shouted. They played, played and played, with much joy, energy, creativity and of course the occasional mischief. Yes I had to say ah ah, but only once and they obeyed.

No doubt the ringleader was the cutie pie girl child with the red socks and perfectly braided hair. Seemingly unbridled, these children at play were wild, joyous and carefree. Many moons ago I was the little schoolgirl in red socks and perfectly braided hair. And when my parents were not looking, I was as wild as I could be. Some would say that I still am. Except now as an adult I no longer worry about the response from my parents. Fully liberated, I do what the …. I want.

This joyous abandon only lasted a while, as the driver soon arrived, loaded their book bags, then they all got into the car and went to school.

Multiple blessings to you beautiful school children!! May your days continue to be joyful and bright. Thank you for your unadulterated presence, it has rendered me extremely happy to start my day watching you perfect little people in action, doing your perfect children things. Play, learn and play some more, dear hearts. ♥️ Alafia.


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