The Cameroun, Benin Travel Project

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Dear Friends,

Thank you for letting me know that my travel journeys through the Cameroon and Benin have been inspirational and enlightening. The posts that have been shared via my various social media platforms are a mere fraction of my total experiences. There truly are no adequate words that can fully explain what this seven week journey has meant for my soul, personal growth and spiritual elevation. For those who know me personally and have witnessed the process can attest, on my many occasions I have proceeded willingly, yet as is my nature, all too often I have submitted to the process with my face twisted, kicking and screaming. Yes, I am a work in progress, learning and always striving to do better, to bring forth my best self.

The journey has been real and also incredibly amazing. My companions and handlers have been, firm, principled, disciplined, kind and caring. I have been challenged on so many levels, that have all served for the healing of my person, as well has certainly helped to alleviate the long suffering of generations of my ancestors. In the end, this has all strengthened my spirit and fortified me to remain on course and continue to fulfill my mission. For this I am ever grateful.

Regarding our work at Cinnamon Traveler;

Yes we can certainly connect you with our contacts for African Art, from Cameroon, Benin and many countries in Central and West Africa.

Yes it is our pleasure to connect you with our contacts for Traditional African Spirituality and Healing, Cameroon, Benin and many countries in Central and West Africa.

Yes we can make travel arrangements for you and your group to connect with our contacts in Cameroon, Benin and many countries in Central and West Africa.

When you are ready, let’s schedule a conversation to discuss exactly what you have in mind. Cinnamon Traveler is available via all the usual outlets: WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, IMO, Messenger. Our mobile contact is 404.915.6701 and our email is

Meantime, thanks again for encouraging us, liking our work and following us as we pave the way to document regional influences of African experience, while connecting the African Diaspora to the Continent of Africa, one travel journey at a time.

To get information about the project dates in July, August, September 2017, call 404.915.6701.

Adventurous Journeys!


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